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  • I just want you to know how much I love you pajamas. I am a tall woman and it is hard for me to find pajamas that fit the way I like them - over sized. I always purchase your plus-size which is hard to find. Want a wonderful company with great service!

    Akila Gibbs
  • I called customer service today and spoke with Rose. She was so helpful! I was looking for family matching pjays and was able to order sizes that were not listed online! Thank for the help! I'm so exited about our Xmas matching pjays for this year!!!!


  • Rose in customer service was fantastic! I called and she helped me efficiently pick out a beautiful pair of pajamas for my daughter. I love the pajamas here and now my daughter does as well. Rose was wonderful to deal with. Bedhead pajamas last forever and are the most comfortable pajamas I have ever worn!

    Sandra H

  • I'd always wanted the pink eiffel tower pajamas since they 'premiered' years ago, but never got around to purchasing them due to cost... this past christmas, my husband surprised me with them, and i just wanted to reach out and express how SUPERB they are... EACH time i wear them, i am in awe at how perfect they fit - SO perfect they feel custom-tailored... i've always adored assorted pairs of pajamas for their overall comfort, but never knew they could feel as PERFECT as they do comfortable... the fabric is wonderfully soft, the print is right up my francophile alley, and the cut is truly impeccable... i was just happy to have such a coveted, cute pair of pajamas; but now feel all the more fortunate to experience their genuine comfort... kudos to your team for making such EXQUISITE sleep-wear!


  • I was a customer with Bedhead pj and I really like the fabric ,they are so soft and very comfortable.Not only that,the customer service is wonderful,specially Mrs ROSE GUVMAN,she is very patient,sweet and nice, and help me to find the right one.I finally get more than what I plan to buy.I am really in love with bed head pj.If you ever have bed head pajamas ,you will find that is the most comfortable and elegant one.

    - Tiep Tran
  • I found your PJs online and had my husband order them for me as a Christmas present. I got the flannel ones with cherries printed on them. They are the comfiest PJs ever and I have not stopped wearing them! I just wanted to say I love them and thank you. I am especially glad to see that they are made in the U.S. and not in a child labor sweatshop somewhere. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.



  • I am a true loyal fan of Bedhead. I had heard about your brand for some time now. I decided to get one set PJs last Christmas 2014 and I was hooked. I now have 10 of the most beautiful and the comfortable PJs ever. I can not imagine wearing any PJs besides your brand. I can't seem to get enough. I was hoping to write this email to ask if you will ever bring back the daisy design. I wish I had known about your brand about 15 years ago and what a Collection of PJs I would have had by now. :-))

  • BedHead PJ's are exquisite - simply the best....have had a love affair with them since I bought my first pair years ago! I have even worn mine out to nightclubs! I could live in my BedHead PJ's!
    - Madelaine 
  • I dated a lady named Susan in Sacramento. She ran a store called Franco Ferrini. We visited you place in LA you played a greatest hits cd, (Yes cd.) of Stevie Wonder. I has such a fun time there. I recently purchased two set of men pajamas. They are still great.


  • Love these so much! Introduced my mom and girls to BedHead PJ's, and they love them as much as I do. Thanks BedHead for the most comfortable (and fun) PJ's!

    - Amy Thomas 

  • I bought the pink floral pj's in the stretch material with the short sleeved top. I LOVE THESE!!! They make me happy and I just wanted to let you know. :) I love this material and style. Perfect for me.

    - Jennifer 

  • A heartfelt thank you for providing the most luxurious flannel pjs. I have several pairs and love the colors and patterns that never fade with washing and most importantly, nor does the fabric shrink. I love the piped trim. The quality is superb. Size small fits me perfectly that is both roomy and comfortable, but not “sloppy”. I could not imagine a Canadian winter without them.

    - Debora 

  • I LOVE my lovely Red Palm Springs Paisley Classic Stretch PJs! I am head over heals about them! They are as cozy as ever, and the small amount of stretch in them is just right. They are warm, soft as new cotton, and sewn impeccably well.

    - Camille 

  • I have to say THANK YOU!!! I have to admit, normally when I write to customer service it is to complain about a product- but these pj's are amazing! I bought a size too big expecting the normal shrinkage that every other brand I have ever purchased delivered. I washed them in cold water, dried on cool as I always do..and expected the normal gorilla arm and leg results that I always get..to my surprise I had to roll up the sleeves! Now my only complaint is that my bottoms are falling off when I walk, and I have too long sleeves..woo-hoo! Today I actually risked washing them in warm water, and drying them in a regular dryer, and still NO shrinkage..impressive, I am going shopping for my real size Monday! Facebook here I come..I rarely recommend products, but these pajamas are something I will. Thanks for such a great quality sleepwear, I look forward to looking into more of what your company offers, you have a new fan!

    -  Kathy

  • These are the most comfortable pajamas I have ever owned. To top it all off, they come in fun, cute patterns and hold up great in the washing machine. Keep up the great work BedHead!

    - Amanda 

  • I just received my first Bedhead pajamas and it will not be my last. They are soft and comfy and I could wear them all day. I will have to save again to buy another pair but they are worth it. I also believe in buying made in America whenever possible. Great job Bedhead!

    - Patty 

  • I KNOW PJs, and know BedHead PJs are the finest quality, most reasonable cost and ethically accountable deal available to me I could possibly find in one company. Recently, a dear pal helped me successfully work through a difficult legal situation. To thank her, I proposed many thank-you options, including the prettiest pair of Bedhead PJs I'd ever seen but which I also knew would look perfect on her as a young woman with white hair -- the Black Montana Sky with White Stars scattered across them, made of very lightweight, voile cotton for summer. She said nothing about them ... until the very end, remarking "those are very nice, but expensive -- you might want to wait for a sale." That was all I needed, and I knew better than to wait. Soon as I got paid, I proceeded to buy them for her, which made me so excited,knowing how surprised she'd be! And boy, was she ever! What I didn't tell her is I also indulged a few days later and bought a pair for MYSELF. The amazing thing was, not having my size in stock, the man who took my order wrote out instructions to have them made right there for me, which would take four weeks, but they arrived early! It was so cool thinking of someone sewing them for me. I hope the seamstress knows how happy they make the person wearing them. And I think it's also time to admit to my pal of decades, back east, that we've likely been sleeping in these same, soft jammies, cuddled with our kitties, on the same nights this summer. All these years, she's been a Bedhead fan too, of course. So Yayyy for Bedhead ...that they make such beautiful jammies, not only for svelt, would-be super-models like my friend, but also in sizes to fit the goddess sizes (and toddlers) among us, too. (Tip: Bedhead's Men's PJs are very nice too, though you have to check measurements, and not mind pjs in a looser fit. But if you like the Greta Garbo "mens look" in pajamas as a woman, they can also be fun and comfortable to wear and, can even lend a sophisticated 1930s - 40s vintage look to your pj wear.

    - Nell 

  • Thank you. Thank you! Thank you! I was so excited about my Mbuti PJs that I immediately put them on after work and kept them on for the rest of the evening. I must admit that I have never worn PJs at the dining room table before! Besides contributing to a cause that helps people who I hold as living treasures, the PJs are comfortable, have a great design and sophisticated style. Again, thank you!

    - Barbara

  • Mitchell and Jackie loved their PJs and I bet you will find them to be regular customers as they are always buying gifts for people. Kashian (your NYC sales associate) was the best and he actually sold me and a few other girlfriends PJs for ourselves when we were in the store. He is our go to guy for PJs going forward.  We did have to laugh at how sweet he was helping us middle age ladies with our shopping and pointing out what looked best.  I love mine and just took them on a trip to Paris.


  • I simply ADORE your pajamas! When they get soiled I wash them so I can wear them again! I can't sleep in anything else! Just ordered 2 more! I am not kidding I seriously cannot sleep in anything else. I get more compliments on these pajamas! I tell everyone to buy them. LOVE LOVE!


  • I have worn your pajamas for many years and I love them. I have at least 8 or 9 pairs. I am an executive in the software industry and I take them with me all over the world and they always give me a great night sleep! My new favorites are the Sea Island white cotton which my husband and son gave me for Mother's Day! Keep up the good work for us hard-working women everywhere who need a good night's sleep!

    - Ellyn

  • I LOVE my new pajamas!! They put a smile on my face and I actually sleep better in them. I recommended you to a friend and she bought herself a pair too. :)


  • I just wanted to say what a great experience I have had ordering with your company. Someone called me back and then I called back and spoke with Miguel, who was so polite and attentive. I wish all my shopping experiences were like this!!! Look forward to my new pjs and to working with your company in the future. best regards


  • I just ordered and received my first pair of BedHead pajamas last week, via ups. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE,LOVE them!!! I ordered the cream knit stretch pajama in wildflowers. They are so COMFORTABLE it's unbelievable, not to mention made in the USA ! Thank God for that. All my pajamas were falling apart even my expensive ones, due to they ended up being made in China or Vietnam ect... I am officially a BedHead customer for life! I will be ordering more in the future as spring and summer approaches. I ready actually have my next pair picked out, ordered and on it's way. Can't wait! Thanks BedHead for making such quality pajamas ;-)

    -Holly, California

  • "The cloth/fabrics used for their pajamas are simply gorgeous and you will not find pajamas like anywhere else. So, if you want to look stylish, hip and together in the bedroom, check this place out."

    -Danielle S., Yelp

  • "At BedHead Pajamas, there is something for everyone, not to mention some of the cutest pj's for children that i have ever seen. I melt at the sight of my daughter in her jammies. With BedHead Pajamas new children's line, they have definitely found my tickle spot."

    - Jasmine G., Yelp

  • "My 3-year-old daughter Avery loves her new Hot Pink Wild At Heart w/Lace Pajamas. I like that they're thick enough to keep her warm in the winter but thin enough to keep her cool in the summer. Overall, I rate them four stars! They wear well, wash well, and keep up with my toddler. They haven't faded either!!"

    - Heather, HeatherandAvery.blogspot.com

  • I purchased 2 pair of BedHead pajamas (New Basics-Magenta and Gold and New Basics- Lavender and Yellow) at Nordstrom last week. I can't tell you how excited I am! They are beautiful, comfortable and don't shrink! I am 5'9" and have never found such comfortable night wear. They are so pretty I wear them with a cami around the house during the day. Thank you for making such wonderful garments- I am looking forward to visiting your store. It's so great they are made right here in LA!!! I wish you much success- we need more people following your example of manufacturing items right here in out country. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!

    -Marcia Rhoads, Long Beach, CA

  • So very excited to have come across you! Our family decided to purchase everything this year Made in USA. That isn't so very easy to do these days- but we did it, and finished up with you. I was looking for 100% crisp cotton pajams for me and my husband. They were unfortunately very difficult to find. I was so excited to find out only what I was looking for, but also that they were made here. Happy Holidays- and thank you for employing fellow Americans

    -Kristi Briter

  • Hi BedHeads! I was putting away my new nautical PJ's which Santa brought me and noticed the label: "Made in Glamorous Los Angeles" Love it! Thanks for making my day!

    - Lynn, Boise, Idaho

  • I just received the Pink Passion pajamas in the mail! Great quality, VERY comfortable, chic, & glam! I love them and will now forever be a customer of BedHead Pajamas! Thank you!

    -Britt Nicole

  • I guess I am a BedHead junkie! I have 3 drawers full and I keep buying. These pajamas last forever and get better with time. I love the fit, fabric and the fact they are made in USA !!! Thanks BedHead for being the BEST!

    -Sarah Pryor


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